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Posted by Jack Vale on December 6, 2017 10:19:09 AM NZDT
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If you’re not nervous about finding a good quality rental property, you probably don’t live in Wellington. Wellington’s rental market has been booming for long enough that it’s almost getting boring to say it out loud.


Last year, there were horror stories of tenants not being able to find a rental property, sleeping at university and lines 40 people long outside viewings. 🤼



This year, the trend looks to continue, with the New Zealand Herald recently publishing a story that said Wellington has almost 70% less rental property than this time last year.

So as a tenant how do you secure your dream rental property? Is there a magical formula to make sure you are successful every time? Or is it simply a lottery with property managers spinning a wheel and you crossing your fingers that it lands on your application.

We take a look below at the steps to success in securing your dream rental property!

The first step to securing your dream rental property is simple. Read the advert. Each and every property is a little different from the next. There is no such thing as a generic property. Some come furnished, some come unfurnished.


Some properties offer whiteware, others won’t. Read the advert thoroughly to make sure that you know what to expect. 📰


Asking the property manager questions about details which are in the advert will only serve to put you further towards the back of the line, as property managers are mindful of choosing diligent tenants.

By not thoroughly reading the advert, it is clear to the property manager that you are not detail oriented and that you may not take the best care of the property. So simply by reading the detailed property advert is a step in the right direction to securing rental success.

The next step too, is one that is extremely straightforward. Being on time is non-negotiable when it comes to viewing a rental property. Property managers often hold multiple viewings on the same day.


By turning up on time, you show the property manager that you are serious not only about the property, but about your responsibilities as a tenant. 🕰️



You can’t make a second first impression and if your first impression to the property manager is that you are disorganised, and it could result in your missing out on your first choice rental property.

Likewise, if you are applying for multiple properties through the same rental agency, turning up late could damage your chances across all of your property choices.

A large part of the property managers decision on which applicant will be chosen as the tenant is down to the relationship they build with the tenant at the viewing.


A property manager chooses hundreds of tenants a year and has a finely tuned radar as to what makes a good tenant. 📡


Positive attributes, such as making conversation, being respectful and being cheerful are all a good start in showing the property manager that you are human!


Being easy to get along with is essential to the success of your application. 🤝




In the same breath, your property manager doesn’t have to be your best friend. Maintain boundaries and be professional.

Standing out from the crowd is imperative.


At some viewings, there are as many as 50 people coming through the apartment. ☠️

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An effortless way to stand out is to bring along your own credit check from previous applications, and providing a full application form including references from your previous landlords and employers.

This information saves property managers time further down the line in the application process and guarantees that you will stand out from everyone else.


Being prepared with references, reading the advert, turning up on time. Getting to know the property manager and asking insightful questions about the property are the main things to be mindful of, and will help you to secure the rental property of your choice. 🏘️


If you are looking for rental property, feel free to call us today on 04 381 8604 or look at our website to find out what is available on the market.

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