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Posted by Jack Vale on October 30, 2018 5:52:00 PM NZDT
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Bathroom renovations can always be a difficult decision. To tile or not tile? Colours or neutrals? The reality of it is, like with any renovation there are countless questions to answer and plenty to prepare for. But when you renovate your bathroom you really can increase not only the value of your home but also it’s attractiveness to tenants.


For tenants, bathrooms can have a huge influence on their decision when it comes to choosing a property and as always, the more popular your house is with prospective tenants, the more high quality tenants you have to choose from and the higher the market rent you’ll be able to achieve. 📈


But where do you even begin when it comes to renovating your bathroom? As always, we’ve prepared our top five tips to washing away the stress from your rental bathroom renovation?

BAthKeep the bath 🛁

You may not think it, but keeping the bath in a rental property will be extremely attractive to tenants. Not only will tenants appreciate the opportunity to relax after a busy week, but you will also open your property up to a wider marketplace. Young families will love rental properties with a bath. Appealing to young families is a great option for investors as families with young children will be looking for somewhere to settle down rather than moving every year. Long term tenants are an investors dream, especially good quality families.


Tiles 🔲🔲🔲

Like most of us, tenants lead pretty busy lives too. Cleaning properties can be a time consuming task, but you wouldn’t want your tenants neglecting the cleaning because it was too hard. Adding tiles to the bathroom means that not only is your bathroom going to be easy to clean which will further attract tenants, but it also offers a fresh modern bathroom to make your rental stand out from the rest!


Hook the fan up to the lights 💡💨

Mould can be a killer in a bathroom. With a lot of Wellington bathrooms, a single glazed window is all that stands between them and the elements, so condensation isn’t difficult to invite when a tenant has a hot shower in the depths of winter.

By hooking the extractor fan up to the light switches, your fan will run every time your tenant turns on the lights, making it easier to reduce the moisture levels and prevent the mould build up. Being proactive about looking after your property means that there is less chance of damage happening throughout tenancies – taking the stress away from both you and the tenants.




Lighting ☀️

There is nothing worse than a dingy bathroom. Bathrooms should be nice places to be. Including natural light in any space will be a huge improvement, but in a bathroom, natural light can make the fixtures more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, natural light isn’t always easy to come by, but consider including a solar tube or skylight where possible.

For areas where natural light is not an option, lighting which can be dimmed or is softer than luminous bulbs will make your bathroom that little bit more inviting.


Heated towel rails 🌡️

The only thing more frustrating than trying to dry yourself with a wet towel is a cold towel in the depths of winter on an early morning.


Adding a heated towel rail to your bathroom will not only make your property stand out more to prospective tenants but will also subconsciously show your tenants that you are a landlord that is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure your tenants and comfortable and able to enjoy their home. ☺️


What better way to start a relationship?!

Renovations then while intimidating at the start can be extremely straightforward and renovating a bathroom is one of the easiest ways to attract not only exceptional quality tenants in the first place but is also a sure fire way to keeping them.

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