Shaking Things Up — The Tommy's Way

Posted by Jack Vale on August 8, 2018 10:31:00 AM NZST
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Warning: This post contains strong elements of self-promotion. 🔊


Tommy’s has always been an innovator. When our real estate parents came into the market in 1999, they arrived at the door ready to shake things up. If you ask me, they did a pretty good job, cementing themselves as one of the premier brands in Wellington Real Estate.

Now in 2018, there is a reputation for results associated with Tommy’s Real Estate – something we’ve now replicated at Tommy’s Property Management. Property management has been somewhat of a hotly contested industry for years.

Some say property managers are redundant, others swear that they’re the best thing since sliced bread. 🥪




So now that Tommy’s is well established in the property management industry, we’ve decided to let you know how we intend to shake up this industry as well. We believe that we’ve got the formula to follow in the footsteps of Tommy’s Real Estate.

Tommy’s have always struggled to decide if we were a small big company, or a big small one. We have founded ourselves on a philosophy that we must focus on people, not property. It is this mindset that sets us apart in an industry where communication is essential. Changing the way that we communicate with our clients has been a fundamental in our business.


Providing a tailored owners online dashboard to all of our clients allows them to experience a central source for all information pertaining to their property without having to pick up the phone. 📵


Innovative new technology like this has been imperative to offering a point of difference from the rest of the industry. Not only do owners now have a one-stopshop for everything that they could ever want to know about their properties, but this also frees up our property managers to concentrate on provided individual, high quality and personable service, as the basic, time consuming tasks are eliminated from their day to day. Owners can be assured that their properties are being taken care of exceptionally, with an eyes on, yet hands off approach.


It is often said that the only way to predict the future is to create it. In property investment, you always control the key to your success. 🗝️



The field of play is the same for every property investor and the rules of the game are the same. Through our property management service landlords are given plenty of notice of the changes in any legislation, but for anyone that owns an investment property, there is a high chance that they’re probably pretty busy and keeping up with all of this can be difficult.


At Tommy’s, we pride ourselves on our fresh approach to adapting to legislative changes and regulation to allow your portfolio to perform at its maximum capacity. 📈


Preparation is the key to success and it doesn’t take a lot to do our research and provide clients with a reliable and accurate knowledge base.

At Tommy’s, we have set ourselves out as more than just property managers. Our clients receive frequent portfolio reviews. This allows us to make sure that their properties are ahead of the competition and we’re making sure that their portfolio is working as hard as it can be. If there’s one thing that can’t be disputed, it’s that Tommy’s love and know Wellington. We’ve been operating in the city since 1999 and we’ve grown to know everything there is to know about the coolest little capital in the world. Knowledge is power and our understanding of Wellington sets us aside from our competition, be that with the network of people that we work with, or our support for the local community and the charity work that Tommy’s conducts.


Rest assured, we love working in Wellington and we won’t be going anywhere soon. It is this that sets us apart from our competition. 🏆


With Tommy’s, our clients have a reliable, reputable brand that’s here to stay. Security in property investment is a rarity as things are always changing. Having a cornerstone in the industry allows property investors to act with freedom, knowing that we will always be here to help them and tailor our service to provide the best of the best.


With Tommy’s Real Estate as our parent company having set such high standards, we have big shoes to fill. We can’t take our eye off the ball for a moment. ⚽


As companies grow, the care and attention you were given at the start can decline, but at Tommy’s Property Management we aspire to live up to our parent company’s success by using adaptability and a focus on our customers. That means that if your property is managed by Tommy’s you’ll get the same personalised service year on year on year and if you’re not happy, we’ll tailor our service to suit you best.

Managing property is not rocket science. All it takes is a little bit of know how and plenty of the Tommy’s mindset. To find out how Tommy’s can help you and your portfolio today, give me a call anytime on 04 979 6363.

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