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Posted by Jack Vale on April 19, 2017 3:21:31 PM NZST
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Everyone has heard it before. You can’t make a second first impression. The same is true of your property. In an age where potential tenants have access to hundreds of properti es in the space of minutes online, there has never been a more important time to find innovative ways to stand out.

At Tommy’s Property Management, we pride ourselves on our ‘new-age’ approach to attract tenants, with a majority of our listings attracting over 1000 ‘views’ online. Like anything in business, it is important that your product makes a positi ve and lasting impact on your customer and that you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here then, are some basic benefits of professional photography when marketing your property online.

1. The law of attraction: The fi rst thing your new potenti al tenant sees is the photo of your property. The property should look warm and enticing. By using professional photography, your property is sure to stand out amongst the competition, attracting more potential tenants to click through to your description of the property. They will then start to see the features and benefits your property can offer them.

2. Taking care of your property: If your photos WOW a tenant, they will begin to take a sense of pride in where they are living. This, as a landlord, means a smoother process for you. A tenant who takes pride in where they live will look after the home as if it were their own, minimising the maintenance you are required to do, and minimising the drama!

3. Quicker tenanting with the best tenants: Every week that your property sits empty, you lose 2% of its annual income. By having
more people attracted to your property, it creates a sense of urgency at your viewing and encourages people to lodge their application or face missing out on the home. The more people at your viewing, the more urgency, and in theory, the more applications. More applications means that you have the luxury of picking the best possible tenant.

The cost of professional photography to use in your marketing is minimal. It was once said that ‘The person who chooses to cut costs on marketing to save money is the same person who stops the clock to save ti me.’ At Tommy’s, professional photographs are compulsory, and the results speak for themselves. Here you can see the difference between professional photos and photos taken on a cell phone.

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg


Unique to Tommy’s, we are now able to provide 3D virtual walkthroughs of the properti es that we advertise. This is integral to providing a ‘wow factor’ to the market. A virtual tour offers potenti al tenants the opportunity to walk through the property from the comfort of their own home. Not only does this present something sure to impress, but it also guarantees us that any group of tenants that comes through the property for our arranged viewings is genuinely interested, allowing us to choose the best tenant as soon as possible, and tenant your property quickly.


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