Wellington's winter is getting warmer, despite the weather.

Posted by Jack Vale on May 31, 2018 11:31:00 AM NZST

As a landlord, winter with a vacant property is, historically speaking, a logistical nightmare.


Long vacancies were the norm and when it comes to achieving a premium rental price for your property, you’d have been better off rubbing a magic lamp and waiting for the genie to appear. ✨✨

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Let it be... Or don't?

Posted by Jack Vale on April 3, 2018 5:44:37 PM NZST

There’s one thing for sure, the new government isn’t hanging around when it comes to following through with its election promises. The Healthy Homes Guarantee bill is continually under review as we move closer to its implementation and now, in this most recent move, housing minister Phil Twyford has introduced the bill to ban the letting fee.

Flat hunters around the country are no doubt jumping for joy and doing victory laps of their rental property, while landlords and property management agencies are forced to wear yet another cost. Surely the bill won’t have any negative impacts for tenants? Surely property managers and landlords shouldn’t charge a letting fee anyway? You’d be surprised…

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